WELCOME to the SSPJ Carnival!

Wednesday, April 30 thru Sunday, May 4 2014

Get directions!

SSPJ Carnival is fun for all ages!

Ferris Wheel
New Rides
Broken Arrow DJ
Carnival Activities

Carnival "Wish List":

We are asking for volunteers to help with games, food, and ticket sales.

  • If you are able to volunteer, please email Mrs. Kucinski. Family members 18 years old and older are invited to volunteer to our carnival.

As always, we appreciate your generosity!

Special Events:

  • See photos from last year!

    Online Photo Gallery now available!
  • Alumni Night

    Saturday, May 3, starting at 6pm
  • Wrist Band Days

    Ride all rides for one low price!
    Cost is only $30!
    Thursday 6pm-10pm
    Saturday 12pm-5pm
    Sunday 12pm-6pm

    purchase at the ticket booth
    non-refundable, non-transferrable
  • Multi-Day Unlimited Wristbands!

    Ride all rides for one low price!
    All rides every day for $75!
    May be used during all carnival running hours.
    non-tranferrable, non-refundable. Purchase at the ticket booth.

For more information:

Email kucinski.donna@spsj.org or call (908)-859-1244

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