As Summer Flies By!

08-01-2021From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. John J. Barbella

Can you believe it’s already August? Summer is flying by. I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I’m enjoying mine.

Last Thursday evening I enjoyed a good time with many of our Altar Servers and their families. We attended an Iron Pigs Baseball game together. While I certainly love baseball, most of my fun that evening came from visiting and talking with the servers and their families. It was nice to spend an evening with the servers who do so much to help our priests at Mass, and the families who support them in that good work.

With summer flying by, many of the young men and women of our parish will be heading to their colleges and universities. You can help them connect with the Catholic Campus ministry at their school by using Newman Connect, a service that helps connect with things like Mass times and other things to help them maintain their faith during this wonderful time in their lives. More information about Newman Connect can be found elsewhere in this bulletin.

With August coming, September can’t be far behind, and Sep 8 is the day on which the Church celebrated the birth of our Blessed Mother, Mary. We are happy to announce that we will once again have a special Communion Breakfast in honor of our Blessed Mother’s Birthday. It will be held in Mercy Hall on Sunday, September 19th immediately following the 9 AM Mass.

A continental breakfast will be served, with plenty of time for fellowship. Please call the Parish Office (908–454–0112 ext. 3) to reserve tickets. The suggested donation for tickets is one dollar ($1). This will help us make sure we have enough food for everyone.

Recall that we keep the price low purposely to encourage families to attend. The important thing is getting everyone together to honor our Blessed Mother. If she is anything like my mother, nothing makes her happier than seeing her children get together! That being the case, let’s get together for our Blessed Mother’s Birthday.

For those who may not remember, a Communion Breakfast is a time to have breakfast after attending Holy Mass and receiving Communion together. I look forward to seeing many families at this Communion Breakfast. It is a good time to share this wonderful Catholic tradition with your children and grandchildren.

In the meantime, please pray a Hail Mary for me today and every day. Our prayers for each other are pleasing to God, and a source of blessing and strength for us.

Have a great week!
Fr. John