A Busy and Blessed May

05-01-2022From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. John J. Barbella

I want to thank all of you who asked about my little vacation last week. It was a wonderful break but, as always it’s good to be home with you again.

May is always a busy month in our parish. In addition to being the Month of Mary, it is filled with things like First Holy Communion, which will be celebrated in our parish this and next weekend. Please pray for the children as they receive Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time.

May is also the month in which we celebrate the Feast of Saints Philip and James, the patron saints of our parish. We will offer a special Mass this Tuesday, May 3rd at 6pm in our Church. While this is usually the Mass for Vocations, we will offer it this week for all those mentioned on the Memorial Plaques in the narthex (lobby) of our Church.

The names are those of people and families whose generosity and sacrifice built our Church between 1873- 1883. The plaques mention the Mass will be offered for them annually on the Feast of Ss. Philip and James (which used to be on a different date). It is good for us to honor and pray for the souls of our ancestors in faith. We owe them a great deal.

This May we will also see two men from our parish ordained as deacons. I have received word that Paul Flor and Francisco Jaurides will be ordained at St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral on May 14th. Please pray for them as that day approaches.

On Sunday, May 22, both of the newly ordained deacons will assist Fr. Gilbert at the Spanish 1pm Mass. Following the Mass, we will have coffee and cake in Mercy Hall to celebrate their ordination. All are welcome to the Mass and the celebration in Mercy Hall.

The ordinations of Paul and Francisco continue a blessed tradition of vocations from our parish. Only three years ago we saw two sons of our parish ordained to the priesthood. The ordinations of these good men remind us that God is still calling people to His service. Let us pray that many people will answer His call.

Speaking of vocations, our Serra Club has decided to become St. John Vianney Vocations Club. The reason is that we decided to become independent of the larger International Serra Club. This will give us great latitude in our activities, and reduce the costs of running the club. As always, the club’s mission will be to pray for, encourage, and support vocations from our parish. Please watch the bulletin for more information, or call the parish office.

Please remember to say a Hail Mary for me today, and every day. I appreciate your prayers so much, and pray for all of you each day. Let’s also pray for vocations, and for peace in our troubled world!

Have a great week!

Fr. John