St. Peregrine

07-17-2022From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. John J. Barbella

I wrote these words last Friday morning, having spent the previous evening with many of our Altar Servers and their families. We enjoyed an outing to the Iron Pigs baseball game, as a thank you to the servers for helping our priests at Holy Mass. Being with so many good families made for great conversation and a good time. I am very thankful to the young people who serve Mass so faithfully in our Church, and to their parents who support them in that ministry.

By this time, most of you who go to Adoration in our chapel have noticed the beautiful new statue of St. Peregrine. It is a gift from one of our parishioners, to whom I am very grateful. St. Peregrine is the patron saint of people who are suffering from and living with cancer, a group that includes no small number of our parishioners.

St. Peregrine was born around 1265 and was involved in Italian politics. He was anti – clerical and even struck a representative of the pope during a dispute. When the papal representative calmly turned the other cheek – quite literally – Peregrine was inspired to repent.

He entered the Servite Order and became known as an outstanding preacher. When St. Peregrine developed cancer on his foot the doctors wanted to amputate. This became unnecessary after, having spent the entire night before the planned operation in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, St. Peregrine was miraculously cured.

We will bless the Statue of St. Peregrine this Tuesday evening, July 19, following the 6 PM Mass for Vocations. I invite all those who can to join us for Holy Mass in the Church at 6. At the conclusion of the Mass, we will walk to the Chapel, bless the statue, and say some prayers asking St. Peregrine’s intercession. Please spread the word about this.

I recently received a letter from our bishop asking me to thank all of you for your response to this year’s Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Our parishioners donated $65,198 to this year’s appeal – representing 83% of our goal. When you consider that some people were still paying off the last of our recent capital campaign, that’s a very good response. Like the generous response to the recent Mission Co – op Appeal, it is another testimony to your charity. Thanks!

As the summer wears on, many of our young people will be leaving for college. It is so important for them to be ministered to during this formative time in their life. For this reason, I recommend that parents of college students, or the students themselves, visit This site will help you connect with the Catholic campus ministry, often called Newman Ministry after St. John Henry Newman, a well-known Catholic convert and intellectual. By providing a place for prayer, Mass, and fellowship, Newman Centers can be a peaceful respite amidst the challenges of college life.

Please pray a Hail Mary for me today and every day. As you know, I always pray for you. Please also pray for the far too many people whose lives have been scarred by violence, and for peace.

Have a great week.

Fr. John