Awaken Your Faith

03-17-2019From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. John J. Barbella

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Rite of Election at St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral. It was a special prayer service in which our Bishop prayed with the catechumens and candidates of our diocese. Catechumens are unbaptized persons who are preparing for Baptism. Candidates may be baptized non-Catholics or Catholics who were Baptized, but never received First Communion or Confirmation.

Several catechumens and candidates from our parish took part in the Rite of Election. They are preparing to be received into Full Communion with our Holy Catholic Church this Easter. Please keep them in your prayers as that day draws near.

Remember that we will have a Spiritual Evening of Awakening in our Church this Wednesday, March 20, from 7:00-9:00pm. It will be a time for prayer and spiritual renewal. In *these days – when so many things can weaken and test our faith – this special evening is exactly what many of us need. I hope that many of you will fill our Church this Wednesday. It's a great way to "re-charge" your spiritual batteries.

Speaking of spiritual renewal – the booklets for the Personal Consecration to Jesus through Our Lady of Guadalupe have arrived. You can get one from any of our priests or deacons at Church, or at the Parish Office. Information on small group meeting for those who wish to make the consecration that way can be found elsewhere in this bulletin. I hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity to re-dedicate yourself to Christ and His Blessed Mother.

By this time most – if not all – of us have received the mailing about the Bishop's Annual Appeal. Our parish goal is $78,000 -- of which more than $19,000 has already been donated by some of our fellow parishioners. Remember that 50% of donations over our goal will be rebated to our parish to support our Youth Ministry.

Remember also that our diocese has been very good to our parish. They have been carrying our outstanding debt and paying our property and liability insurance for many years! A gift to the Bishop's Appeal – even a small one – is a nice way to say "thank you!"

I went to visit my mother after the Rite of Election last Sunday. My brother-in-law, Phil, and my Uncle Gene were there, too. We enjoyed a quick dinner and some nice conversation together. I hadn't been home in a long time – and it was nice to get there!

Please say a Hail Mary for me today – and every day. Let's also be sure to pray for the catechumens and candidates who will be Baptized and Confirmed into the Catholic Church this Easter. Finally, let's all be sure to pray for peace and a deeper friendship with the Lord Jesus.

Have a great week!
Fr. John

P.S. – If you did not get a copy of the Lenten Book – Signs of Life – there are plenty in the Church lobby. Just take one!