First Sunday of Advent

11-27-2022From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. Antony Arockiadoss

Dear Family!

The greatest treasure of Advent is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As the new Church Year begins, I urge you to take along the ‘Green’ (Treasures of the Season of Ordinary Time) to the ‘Purple’ (The Season of Advent)”. Yes we are back to the days of purple as the season shares certain qualities of another purple season - Lent.

We thank God for all God’s blessings on us in the last liturgical year; all that we accomplished together and all the ministry we did together to glorify God. As we step into the New Year, we ask God to be with us in all our planning’s and administration this year, the planned projects for this year, all committee meet, parish spiritual visions and other pastoral activities.

These four weeks before Christmas are our foundational efforts that set a tone for us for the whole liturgical year. As every season in the year is unique in its own theological implications, Advent cannot be ignored as an add-on to the Christmas Season. The commercial aspects and decorations may not distract us from focusing on preparing the way for the Messiah.

In the first reading (Is 2:1-5), Isaiah describes his prophetic vision of all nations making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, affirming their Faith in the one true God. The Second reading and the Gospel talk about the Second- Coming and the due preparation that is needed from us to welcome Jesus. When our hearts are set on doing this very faith-filled act everyday of our lives especially in the Advent, we acknowledge both the First and Second Coming of Jesus.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church 451 teaches us, “Christian prayer is characterized by the title "Lord", whether in the invitation to prayer ("The Lord be with you"), its conclusion ("through Christ our Lord") or the exclamation full of trust and hope: Maran atha ("Our Lord, come!") or Marana tha ("Come, Lord!") - "Amen Come Lord Jesus!””

I am grateful to Deacon Larry and all the members of the Sacramental Committee for recruiting new members for all ministries that are under this committee. A special thanks to all the new volunteers for these ministries. You are still welcome to be part of the ministries that are under this Committee: Baptismal, Marriage preparations, RCIA, Pre-Cana, Lenten and Advent Penance Services.

Let us enter into the season of Advent with a renewed spirit within us that encourages us to ‘Be Prepared. Let fear, worry and anxiety never stop us from our focus on Jesus; Let our every day of preparation include improving our relationships with people around us. Maranatha!

Fr. Antony