32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

11-06-2022From Fr. Antony's DeskFr. Antony Arockiadoss

Dear Family!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us, “From the beginning, Christian faith in the resurrection has met with incomprehension and opposition. "On no point does the Christian faith encounter more opposition than on the resurrection of the body.” It is very commonly accepted that the life of the human person continues in a spiritual fashion after death. But how can we believe that this body, so clearly mortal, could rise to everlasting life?” (CCC 996)

Pope Francis taught us, “The “sons of heaven and of the resurrection” are not a few privileged ones, but are all men and all women, because the salvation that Jesus brings is for each one of us…. Resurrection is not only the fact of rising after death, but is a new genre of life which we already experience now; it is the victory over nothing that we can already anticipate. Resurrection is the foundation of the faith and of Christian hope. Were there no reference to Paradise and to eternal life, Christianity would be reduced to ethics, to a philosophy of life. Instead, the message of Christian faith comes from heaven, it is revealed by God and goes beyond this world. Belief in resurrection is essential in order that our every act of Christian love not be ephemeral and an end in itself, but may become a seed destined to blossom in the garden of God, and to produce the fruit of eternal life. (Angelus 2016)

Many have difficulty believing in life after that. We start this month with All Saints and All Souls day’s celebrations and it is a good month to reaffirm our belief in the resurrection. The readings focus on the need in us to live as people of the resurrection. We never belong to the tomb to lie buried but our joyful, peaceful lives, constantly experiencing the Real Presence of the Risen Jesus are our indelible marks that we belong to the Risen Lord. We pray that our faith goes through this kind of transformation to be fully alive and shining for God.

One way of experiencing life in Christ is living a life of ‘Christ Community’, helping the community to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. Liturgical Committee has the following ministries: 1. Lectors, 2. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, 3. Ushers, 4. Weekday Lectors, 5. Sacristans, 6. Greeting and Hospitality Ministry, and 7. Extraordinary Ministers who are assigned to Nursing Homes. The Liturgical Committee focuses on the Word of God, the Eucharist and ministry surrounds them. We all are reminded that though our ministries require a little of our time and attention, the graces and blessings it brings to our families are immeasurable.

Church teaches us through the Second Vatican Council, “The liturgy is the source for achieving in the most effective way possible of human sanctification and God’s glorification, the end to which all the Church’s other activities are directed.” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council, No. 10).

This weekend I urge all parishioners to be part of these ministries. Your willingness to serve is a great sign of your participation in community building. I am forever grateful to Deacon Enoch for his leadership and all the volunteers who have been serving our parish in these ministries.

Thank you,

Fr. Antony